Concept: The DRAWING SHOW is an annual exhibition project initiated by Yujin Lee in 2012. The project aims to crystallize an exhibition through artistic research, public education, and some form of archival recording. It is grounded on an artistic and theoretical curiosity on the genre of ‘contemporary drawing'. It centers around the following principle questions: what is the limit of drawing (formally and conceptually); what kind of impact and presence can a drawing have; how can a drawing be utilized to express an idea, whether visual, conceptual or political.

DRAWING SHOW II: Connecting Dots approaches drawing as a way of thinking. Since the ancient times, the act of connecting one dot to another—the act of drawing a line—symbolizes a formation of an idea or a statement. The collaborative relay process leading up to the exhibition will be the crux of the project. The visitors (including artists and the audience) of the exhibition will play an important part in drawing the invisible map between different genres of work and activate the project to life.

DRAWING SHOW II: Connecting Dots is a collaborative relay project between visual artists, writers, text translators, musicians, dancers and cinematographers. The process of the project is as follows:

The initiating drawing* will be shown to two writers. They will each write a work inspired by the single drawing (it may be a fictional story or a poem in the native language of the writers). Each writings will be translated by a certified translators into the native language of the two musicians, who will each compose a music inspired by each writings. Each musical scores will then be given to each of the two dancers, who will create a choreography onto the music. Finally, the two dance videos will be each shown to two groups of five visual artists, whom will all create a “drawing” inspired by the dance without the music. *Drawing by Gerhard Richter (Drawing II, graphite on paper, 59.5 x 40.38 in, 2005)

Participants: Rebecca Agnes (IT, visual artist), Liza Alpízar Aguilar (CR, dancer), Eric Bernstein (US, visual artist), Nathan Catlin (US, visual artist), Christine Cheung (CA, visual artist), Emanuele Crotti (IT, visual artist), Ariel Gout (FR, visual artist), Robert Hope-Johnstone (UK, visual artist), Simon Jardin (FR, poet), Danbee Jo (KR, dancer), So-Rim Lee (KR, writer), Mareike Lee (CA, visual artist), Nicolas Manenti (FR, visual artist), Nevo Ron (IL, musician), Jamie Ross (UK, musician), Agata Sasiuk (PO, visual artist)
Venue: aquabitArt gallery, Berlin, Germany
Date: January 8th - 19th, 2014
Performances: January 8th by Danbee Jo, January 19th by Liza Alpízar Aguliar and Nevo Ron (videos links:;
Funding: Dean's Travel Grant by Columbia University